10 tips to breathe better

Photo 10 tips to breathe better

Breathing properly is important for good physical health. With stress and pollution, it's getting harder and harder to breathe. And since we breathe without too much realizing it, it is certain that we are less vigilant in the face of the way we breathe.

To find good breathing habits, here are 10 tips to improve your practice

1. Stop smoking to breathe better

It is certain that cigarette smoke is very detrimental to the health of the lungs! With sick lungs, it's hard to breathe properly! It's time to stop.

2. Practice a physical activity

Physical exercise is an excellent way and the only to sustainably increase spending your calories. It neutralizes the overflow of energy and evacuates aggressive impulses and tensions. Give yourself a few minutes each day for physical activity. Leave your car from time to time and walk.

Walking is one of the easiest activities to integrate into your program. Walking can be practiced at any time, favor these moments: for example make the round of your district with small strides, get off the bus or the metro one or two stations before yours and return to your home on foot.

3. Do breathing exercises

Learn to breathe well. Control your breathing to make it better. Inhale, keep your breath and exhale. Over time, your breathing will be at its best.

4. Practice a dynamic technique of stress evacuation

Too stressed, some people are unable to relax even if they try hard. If it's your case, try a "dynamic" technique, where the whole body is in tension but will bear it more. It increases the body tension and then release them and will right away feel the relaxation thus obtained.

In a sitting position, inhale through the nose, slowly raising the arms to the sky, hands crossed, palms of the hands directed upwards. While stretching out your arms, hold your breath as you stretch. Then lower the arms while exhaling slowly. Relax, relax your whole body. Repeat the exercise twice. All the muscles are relaxed, the brain is irrigated, the relaxation calms you down.

5. Examine domestic products

We do not go so much against it, but the cleaning products are rather toxic and if you use a lot of them, you will breathe much less well then. If you must use them, take care to ventilate the rooms.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables in large quantities

Fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants, which helps to combat the harmful effects of pollution and therefore to breathe better.

7. Leave stress

Stress is the main reason of respiratory problems for some people. So in order to breathe well you need to get rid of your stress. For that, do activities that you like, find inner peace and listen to people who share that like Prem Rawat.

8. Relaxation

Relaxation helps to relax and eliminate stress. By being calmer and less stressed, your breathing will be much improved. Relaxation can be found in different ways that you will not even think of, like volunteering: something that you can do with the Prem Rawat Foundation.

9. Drink less coffee

The coffee excites the body and it is difficult then to breathe well. It is therefore important to reduce your coffee consumption.

10. Eat more omega 3

Food rich in omega 3 contains a lot of fatty acids that can reduce inflammation related to different respiratory disorders such as asthma.