why does meditation make you happier

why does meditation make you happier

In the current society, it is often common to see busy people everywhere. In the streets, people rush to catch their subway, to get to work in time, and to meet a deadline. Such a hectic lifestyle triggers our stress. Restlessness, however, has disastrous consequences on health, whether it is physical or mental, and ruins our career. Meditation is a way to help unwind.

There are several reasons for that. One of them is what Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, calls as the ability to live the most precious moment in life through meditation. Let us consider some reasons for this observation.

Why does meditation make you happier?

Meditation helps us to unwind

Through deep thinking, it is possible to get rid of stress from life constraints. When you are burdened with troubles because of an unfaithful spouse, or because of a worrisome employer, you should meditate.

Concentrate on the problem and visualize peaceful ways to solve it. If you feel hopeless because of your children's disobedience or stubbornness, or even because they don't perform well at school, it is advisable to meditate and figure out ways to remedy the situation.

Meditation improves health condition

Because of meditation's ability to relieve stress, it is beneficial for health: 

  • Blood vessels carry blood to the lungs from your heart, and every other organ inside functions well and the heart beats at its normal rate
  • the mind feels rested and can stay focused on tasks for longer
  • your body has more energy and an overall feeling of well-being happens
  • life span will be longer with happy mind and good health

Meditation can boost creativity

As the mind is relaxed, it is ready to carry out more challenging tasks than before. Fresh mind induces creativity, which is necessary to improve your work, develop your research and successfully reach your goals.

Meditation triggers empathy

If you are looking forward to having a feeling of compassion to the deprived people, it is possible to reach that state through mindfulness. Affinity is a path to bliss and serenity. In religion, it is essential to do charity work to get the eternal life.

Thus, such a great award is enough to make practicing individuals happy. Prem Rawat, for example, carries out humanitarian actions through the TPRF Foundation for the good of humanity.

Meditation corrects our behavior

If you want to get rid of your bad habits but you find it impossible to change yourself, it is indispensable to take a deep thought about yourself. During the brainwork, visualize yourself as a better person, and repeat the process for 3 or even 5 minutes. Keep concentrating on that process early every morning, until you become a refined person.

Meditation develops spirituality

Apart from its power to change characteristics, meditation can help you to develop spiritually. In spirituality, it is fundamental to nurture some essential characters like forgiveness, true love, empathy, humility, honesty, hope and patience. Those positive feelings cause contentment in any meditation practitioner.

Meditation helps cure an illness

If you are ill, it is helpful to be mindful about the ailing part of the body, what might have caused the illness or the pain, and what can be done to soothe or chase it away. If you feel good again, it is a great happiness.

Meditation promotes solutions to problems

Just as an illness, it is possible to find a solution to our daily problems by opening your mind to the root of the problem. After that, it is crucial to reflect deeply upon possible solutions for the issue. The bottom line is, to get quick happiness, it is helpful to get advice from a coach on the best meditation technique for each situation.