Tips to start meditation

Tips to start meditation

If people are stressed out in life because of work-related problems, or relationship problems, or because of their own personal problems. As a result, they try to do many things to feel better.

Some people watch soap operas on TV or listen to music to rest their mind. Others go to movies and eat out. Others even turn to alcohol and drugs to forget their problems. However, all those methods do not successfully give peace of mind.

Why to meditate?

As a matter of fact, meditation is a good way to unwind. Self-reflection develops a state of mindfulness and inner peace. It is necessary to have some guidelines if you have never meditated before.

Prem Rawat, said, "I suggest you take a look at yourself … (in order to find a) timeless purity of existence." In this message of peace, the ambassador of peace would like to highlight the value of self-actualization to be fulfilled.

Tips to start meditation

Sitting position

Before you meditate, it is necessary to have some essential equipment, as follows: 

  • A mat to sit on 
  • A quiet place or a room to meditate

Make sure that the room is clean, light and well organized. Place the mat on the floor, facing the window if possible. Then, sit comfortably on the mat.

Getting ready

If you are a believer in the Supreme Being, you can start with a prayer; then, read some scripts from the holy book. When this is done, close your eyes, and start your meditation. Thoughts may arise as you are doing that.

Focus on your breath

As thoughts arise in your mind, do not get distracted and do not busy yourself by chasing them away. Instead, focus on your breath. Take a deep breath and exhale and inhale. Keep doing this for 2 or 3 minutes until you feel comfortable. Then, keep all your attention on your breaths and count them.

Get acquainted with yourself

After that, the next process consists of getting to know yourself. Think about your feet, and think about how they feel. Then, move on to your legs, your hands, your shoulders, your back, your head, and finally your heart. While you are checking with each part of your body, observe your feeling.

This is to check if all parts of your body are all right. It is important to smile as you deal with each part of your body, and stay with each part for about 20 or 40 seconds.

Meditation time

For beginners, the best time to meditate is at dawn, which means very early in the morning, when it is still calm, and everyone else is still asleep. It is easy to stay focused when it is silent. It is important to practice mindfulness little by little every day, instead of having a long session of meditation every week.

Be conscious of your feeling

As you meditate, your mind may bring you to a certain thought. Analyze your feeling and your breath as it arises. Develop a positive attitude and emotion as you observe your thought. Keep doing this for 3 or 4 minutes until you feel comfortable.

Meditate with a friend

It is a good idea to meditate with a friend or a community if you are a beginner. In a community, you can learn other meditation techniques. Prem Rawat, for example, used the "Divine Light" technique when he started to meditate. By choosing a suitable technique, you will be more efficient in your goal.